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Our mission is to provide our customers and suppliers what they need:
at the right place
at the right time
in the best way

We offer our clients and suppliers what they need

The National Logistics Centre in Mogosoaia is the largest drug warehouse in Romania, both in terms of surface and in terms of volumes distributed.  With 250 suppliers, we have a portfolio of over 9,500 products.

At the right place

Mediplus logistics network comprises 10 regional warehouses, 4 local offices and a central warehouse.  The regional warehouses are located in the right places so that they ensure an optimal coverage of all areas of the country meeting the quality objectives.

distribution network

The National Logistics Centre in Mogosoaia was opened in 2007 covering an area of 23,000 square meters, of which 17,500 square meters are used as storage space. This warehouse ensures medicine delivery in Bucharest and the southern area of the country, as well as receiving goods from suppliers and distribution to other local warehouses.
The regional warehouses located in Romania’s major cities are optimally placed to ensure quality standards and shortest delivery time to clients in those areas.

On the right time

Delivery fleet consists of over 160 Mercedes Benz vans, fully equipped with temperature control and monitoring system (15-25° C or 2-8° C). Mediplus guarantees not only quality standards, but also reduced time of delivery: a drug reaches the pharmacy or hospital within 24 hours. Moreover, in the cases of hospitals delivery, Mediplus provides emergency services that operate 24h/ 24h.

In the best way

Logistics’ strategic objective is to ensure Mediplus compliance with GDP standards (Good Distribution Practice) and therefore the network is constantly developing. Since the implementation of ISO 9001 in 2003, all of the 500 people who work in logistics follow strict procedures.
Adequate resources support our day to day activity: cold chain, equipment for storage and handling products under specific conditions and specialized software tool on SQL platform, order processing and warehouse management. Mediplus was recertified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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