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The constant development, dynamism and the leading position held by Mediplus on the pharmaceutical wholesaling market are the result of the relationship between the company and social categories of environments, with multiple visions and cultures.

The people, whom our company interacts with - clients, business partners, patients and employees - lay at the basis of all relationships developed by our company.
Each relationship is important to Mediplus and is treated and cultivated respectfully. The respect for the persons next to us is the credo of our company. Thus, Mediplus supports and is involved in the communities where it activates. With a coherent strategy and altruism, Mediplus has supported various disfavored social categories, developing partnerships with representatives of both NGO and public sectors.

Amongst the beneficiaries of the social responsibility programmes developed by Mediplus, we can mention The Romanian Association of the Physical Handicapped Children, of which we can say that has one of the oldest partnerships with us. Mediplus offers financial support for the summer camps of the children or donations of medicines, toys or sweets on the occasion of various holidays.

We can also mention the Romanian Association of the Retired Medical Doctors, to which A&D Pharma, through Mediplus, monthly donates medicines for the specific problems of the third age.

Also hospitals and professional organizations enjoy the permanent support of Mediplus. We can mention our involvement in organizing of some very important events for the pharmaceutical guild, such as the National Congress of Pharmacy History, attended by over 200 lovers of this topic, various other events of the College of Pharmacists, but also donations for the endowment of specialized departments in Bucharest hospitals.

Following its strategy, Mediplus constantly gets involved in the social life of disfavored categories, with the aim to bring its contribution to the improvement of the life and health quality. This is Mediplus' main objective, and reaching this objective is the day-to-day concern of all our employees.
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